The Lounge Devils

Comedy Cabaret

Frank and Buddy Devil
The Lounge Devils 
The Ambassadors of Swank

Magic, Comedy, Singin', Cocktails and FUN!


Some say modern day incarnations of legendary comedy teams Abbott & Costello...Bob Hope & Bing Crosby… meet the Rat Pack, Big Band and Vaudeville…

Frank and Buddy Devil set new standards of fun as they take their audience on a one way ticket to a Swingin’ Time and Place of;

Smoking Swing Music, Premium Cigars, Fine-Tailored Suits, and Lipstick-Kissed Cigarettes, and the search for the Perfect Martini

known to the initiated as the Era of Lounge. . . Welcome!

All characters,content and images or likeness; Frank Devil ,Buddy Devil, Devil Brothers, "Lucy-fer", Letters with Lucy, "At the lounge", Frank's Way, Buddy's Cocktail Corner, Variety-Ville, Comedy Cabaret,The Lounge Devils, The Velvet Lounge: copyrite 2009 theloungedevils; Russell Volk.

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